Programme for corporate, christmas, wedding or birthday party

“Nothing is impossible”, we say. We offer tailor-made social events. We are able to arrange everything that is related to bar catering and party entertainment...

Deci bar catering


  • Draft concept of the event
  • Tailor–made composition of the drink menu
  • Adjustment of the names and colours of served cocktails to your company, its products and the theme of the event.
  • Providing the staff of professional bartenders, themed service and hostesses
  • Premium/first-class spirits, the exact measures and the Czech best quality fresh products
  • Small bar refreshments (canapés, fruits, sushi, tapas etc.)
  • Cocktails photos - “cocktail design” for advertising campaigns


  • Themed costumes, styling, lighting and decoration in tune with the theme of the event
  • Barman´s show and videodisco based on your individual wish
  • Bar school for your customers
  • The company´s party, team building activities, exhibitions, balls, weddings, house parties etc.

Bar equipment:

  • Complete inventory equipment and mobile bars
  • Cocktails served in modern or retro glasses or possibly in plastic
  • Party marquees and shelters
  • Technical realization of the event, installing the sound and lightning system for the stage performance etc.
  • Transport to the spot, smooth preparation, removal and cleaning after the event

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