Mixed alcoholic and
cocktails and drinks

Cocktails represent the highest level of drink service. Cocktails can be shown in many ways at your event– from themed refreshments to the main point of your diverting programme. We serve original welcome drinks to welcome your quests, digestive drinks served after dinner and modern cocktails served during the social event on our mobile bar. Working on the basis of your demand we will gladly create tailor-made COCKTAIL MENU to satisfy your requests. We are able to match up names, colours and consistence of the cocktails with your company´s products and the logo so that they could be in a perfect harmony. The graphic realization including the logo and printing the cocktail lists for the event are included and considered as obvious.


Classic and modern cocktails

Martini, Manhattan, Gimlet, Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Piña Colada, Sex on the Beach… “classic cocktails” in the best professional presentation. We use the best quality fresh products and in accordance with the season. We offer refreshing Cuban (Caribbean) cocktails, Hawaiian “Tiki” cocktails, Brazilian caipiriñhas or modern refreshing drinks from fresh crushed iced exotic fruit or soft berry fruit topped up with ginger beer. We offer traditional hot “punches” in winter.

Molecular cocktails

Molecular cocktails (new)

Do you want to astonish your quests? Then the eccentric molecular cocktails can´t be missing at your event. These cocktails are prepared by spectacular bar techniques from unusual alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients. The cocktails can be served in the consistence of candy-floss, foam, jelly, ice-cream – sorbet, caviar, dust, perfume or smoke. These “drinks” can be perfectly modified to your company´s products (e.g.. food or cosmetic company etc.).

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Non-alcoholic and health-friendly cocktails

We stick to healthy-style principles of living. Therefore drivers, mothers-to-be or children of your customers will have their slice of the action, too. We have plenty of experience with popular non-alcoholic tea cocktails, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, yoghurt, milk or ice-cream cocktails.



Your top customers deserve only top service. Therefore serving drinks becomes a real ceremony in our performance. Noble-drinks are served in the shape of big ice balls or blocks, we perform special rituals while we serve cocktails, punches, genuine champagne etc. Guided degustations are a big hit, especially of premium cognacs, rums or whiskies from all over the world, accompanied by professional comment. Degustation can be combined with the best quality cigars presentation.


Coffee in style

The perfect espresso, cappuccino and latte can´t be missing whatever you organize, either indoors or outdoors. Take full advantage of completely equipped mobile coffee station or Citroën HY (1974) elegant coffee house. Our professional baristas use only coffee blends of the best quality and work with designed equipment.

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